Friday, May 10, 2013

Portrait: J.M. Coetzee

Here is the next in a series of portraits I'm working on.  This is a 
portrait of the writer J.M.Coetzee.  Sometimes considered greatest 
living writer, he's at least, possibly, the most decorated living writer 
being the only author to win two Bookers, he also has a Nobel in 
literature. He's South African and writes about colonialism, 
racism, the ability of language to empower
or enslave, and sometimes  the outright failure of language. In his
 books conflicts are often irreconcilable, problems have no tangible 
solutions, and the outlook is bleak. I created the portrait out of a digital 
combination of ink, gauche, and Photoshop brushes, and tried to 
combined sharp jagged angular features, with a sympathetic, and 
somewhat confused stare.

1 comment:

  1. I loved this portrait on your website and I'm glad to know who it is and a bit about this gentleman. I thought he was one of those famous conductors from the 30ies or 40ies but couldn't place the face.
    Great work.