Monday, September 30, 2013

Something new.

Here's a new piece wrapped up recently It's a poster for an upcoming movie project. I'll post more details about the project as it gets closer to release. A little hint before then,  the movie is not about a giant dog headed woman, that's just a metaphor.
Check out a larger version here.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New instructional pen and ink video.

Earlier in the summer I finished working on a second instructional video for the wonderful online company Craftsy, who produce a series of instructional videos, both fine arts and crafts. My most recent video is on drawing with a pen ink and brush.  I cover portrait drawing, landscapes, still lives, how to add watercolor to your drawing, and compose your own image.  Check out bellow some examples of drawings I did for the class.
Check out the lessons Here.

 Here are some of the drawings I demonstrate on in the video:


Here are some images from the shoot:

For a link to the class go here
For limited time discounts go here:  25%, 50%
And for those that get there first, ten one time free options, click on the numbers below to see if they are available. First come first serve:

Small Cakes, Big Business

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

National Arts Club Opening Night

These are images from my solo show at  the National
Arts Club on September 5th.
Thank you guys who made it out to the opening,
It was a wonderful evening, and a big thanks to
Micheal Gormley for the invitation.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Claw Claw

My talented friends Ray Jones And ShanonWeltman Are starting this cool design project Claw Claw (awesome name!) Ray and I sat down with a recorder and chatted about art, influences, anxieties, and other cool things. Check out Ray's transcription, and the cool giff he did of my digital process.  Photo courtesy of Ray.
Claw Claw 
Ray and me