Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Portrait: Brian Wilson

The next portrait my series, this is Brian Wilson, 
creative genius of the Beach Boys, and sometimes 
friend of Charles Manson. He was the force behind 
the album Pet Sounds, one of the most influential 
bits of recorded music committed to vinyl, Pet Sounds 
is a monumentally joyous celebration of life, which 
contrasts deeply with the personality of its creator; a 
troubled, reclusive, drug addled mind, Wilson slowly 
slipped into obscurity for the better part of 30 years 
when his follow up to Pet Sounds and would-be opus, 
the album Smile, became too much of an undertaking 
for his fragile ego. He would leave the album in pieces 
and unfinished until he returned to it in 2004, and 
finishing a version of the fabled recording.


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