Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pat Benatar and Brian Wilson for Smithsonian.


These are two portraits of mine that just ran in the latest Smithsonian Magazine. The issue was about  the Beatles coming to America, and their influence. It features spotlights on several musicians. I had already done a portrait of Brian Wilson as a personal piece, which the art director had seen and asked to use, and then asked for a second portrait, this one of someone I never thought I would be commissioned to draw....Pat Benatar!  I had to reformat the Brian Wilson piece from the original, which had a blue background with palm trees and with Brian in a white tee shirt, to one where the background had to be white, so I took the background, and turned that into the tee shirt.  Pat Benatar being Pat Benatar was a pleasure to draw just because she's so outrageous, the illustration practically drew itself. 

The original Brian Wilson:

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  1. Nice how you could use the palm trees on the shirt. I love seeing things like this.