Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Best Amercan Comics 2013 notable comics.

 I did this comic earlier in the year and I must have completely forgotten about it, I don't think I ever posted it. The story was for the last issue of Rabid Rabbit based on the theme of romance, so naturally I wrote a story which is very unromantic and dealt more with the topic of control, participation and responsibility within relationships.   Anyway, I was very surprised and excited to find that it has been listed in the notable comics section of this years Best American Comics.  Thank you so much Matt Madden and Jessica Abel. Congratulations to the rest of the artists listed, many are friends of mine, so it's treat to be listed along side such a great list of talent, check out the entire list Here.

Check out a larger more readable version of the comic Here.
And remember to pick up this and other issues of Rabid Rabbit at your local comics retailer!

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