Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Film series

This is the new piece from my ongoing film series.  This image is for the1963 horror movie, The Haunting (not to be confused with it's
awful 1999 remake of the same name)  The plot is a basic haunted house story, but the tension is built around psychological drama, and the tension between the characters.  The ghost never makes a physical appearance, but reveals itself through sounds, and bizarre events that may or my not be an actual ghost. So, classical means like dramatic camera angles, deliberate pacing, and character development are at the heart of the tension, basically 
making an early blueprint for movies like the shinning, a film which also relies on indicating the supernatural as a way of enhancing the personal drama, rather than revealing it by means of dazzling special effects. In the illustration I focused on the mirrors, as the director put in almost every room large mirrors, and in many shots the action can be seen playing out between the characters, but also in the reflections of the mirrors, as if the house was reflecting their own anxieties back to them in the form of the supernatural.

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